You Can Do These 5 Tips To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are one of the most beautiful plants that we can plant and keep in our house. They are perfect for gifts as well as for decorations in our house. However, most flowers won’t stay fresh for long, especially if they aren’t being taken care of properly. That’s why we’d like to share with you some tips to keep your flower fresh for a long time. Meanwhile, if you need to buy the best flowers, we suggest you buy them from marks and spencer flowers.

Here are 5 tips to make your flowers last longer:

1. Store in a normal and constant temperature

Flowers should be kept at normal temperature and not drastic. For example, for certain uses (especially for make-up decorations), sometimes flowers are stored in the refrigerator. This mistaken method can cause the flowers to wither and not last long because the temperature changes drastically when the flowers are removed from the refrigerator and stored at room temperature. Store flowers at 7-10 degrees Celsius or 15-17 degrees Celsius.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

There are flowers that cannot tolerate sunlight, but there are also plants that will flower only in direct sunlight. Generally, ornamental flowers can not stand when exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Do not spray water on the flowers

The assumption is that spraying water on the flowers that have been stored in a vase can make fresh flowers. Even though this method can make the flower arrangements wilt with lasting less than a day.

4. Cut the lower stalk 1 cm every day

When the flowers are stored in a vase filled with water, the bottom stalk will absorb water. The longer they are stored in the vase, the more water will be absorbed by the flowers. Cut 1 cm of the bottom stalk every day, so that the flowers are not too watery. Most of the water just makes the flowers wilt faster.

5. Arrange the water in a vase

Fill the vase water 2 cm from the bottom stalk, and change the water every 1-2 days. This method can avoid rot on the flower stems. Rotten stems make the flower look unfresh. Flowers also wither faster.

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