Use a Scrub and Honey for the Face

Known as a superfood, honey has a lot of good benefits for the body. Apart from boosting health and immunity, honey is also used for beauty treatments. Without the need to go to a salon or buy beauty products, you can do your own treatments at home with only honey for oily skin

Like doing facial scrubs? Try a mixture of honey, sugar, and a little coconut oil as a natural scrub for your face. This herb is effective in removing dead skin cells while keeping your facial skin moisturized and smooth. Honey contains antioxidant compounds that can help improve skin tone. Suitable for those of you who have stubborn acne scars on the face. Apply honey regularly as a mask for optimal results. Apart from acne scars, honey masks can also help disguise scars on other parts of the skin. Moreover, the burn scars, honey also functions as a coolant that relieves the burning sensation around the wound.

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