There Are Several Advantages Of Lightweight Steel Roof Truss That You Must Know

Even though it is lightweight, lightweight steel roof trusses have a high tensile strength of around 550 Mpa, greater than the tensile stress of conventional steel which is only 300 Mpa. This is because the flexible nature of lightweight steel roof trusses can absorb a greater amount of energy. Unlike wood materials which are more brittle and disintegrate more quickly. This stress strength makes the lightweight steel roof truss able to withstand collapse and maintain the stability of the building. If you want to replace your current roof truss with a lightweight steel one, we recommend you hire Roofing Contractors Afton OK.

The installation of lightweight steel roof trusses is very easy and efficient. Due to the nature of the lightweight material, the installation of lightweight steel roof trusses can save time and workmanship costs. Apart from its lightweight which makes it easier for the construction process, lightweight steel roof trusses also have a connection system that is not too complicated. The joints can be screw, bolt, rivet, or weld. This joint system also makes lightweight steel roof trusses or lightweight steel canopies easy to attach to other constructions such as concrete or wood.

Formations of lightweight steel roof trusses vary, can be made to follow various roof models. The lightweight steel roof frame can still be formed into various roof models, it’s just that the formation of a lightweight steel roof frame, must be adjusted to the load that the roof frame will support. If you want to ensure the strength of the lightweight steel roof design frame, then the distance between the lightweight steel used should be made tighter at the time of installation. The maximum stretch between one mild steel and another is 150 cm.

Even though it is made of metal, this lightweight steel roof frame is anti-rust. Using a lightweight steel roof frame not only keeps you from termite attacks. The lightweight steel that makes the roof truss is made of stainless steel, you know. An advantage for those of you who want to make a roof design with a lightweight steel roof frame to appear exposed because you don’t need to do finishing regularly.

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