Preparations for Pregnancy that are Rarely Done

Preparation for pregnancy shouldn’t be a complicated thing for every couple to do. Pregnancy planning needs to be done so that couples understand how to increase the chances and get a healthy pregnancy. Preparation for pregnancy is not just about how prepared the body is to get pregnant. Preparation for pregnancy miracle from the psychological side of a married couple is equally important.

Several steps to prepare for pregnancy-related to diet and some routine checks are often carried out. However, the things below are often forgotten by couples in preparing for pregnancy:

Carry out vaccinations
There are various types of infections that can harm the fetus if you become pregnant later. Consult a gynecologist whether you need additional protection against these infections. One of the infections to watch out for is rubella or German measles. If necessary, your doctor can advise you to vaccinate. Rubella vaccination (MMR vaccine) is only recommended for women who are not pregnant and can only be done at least a month before pregnancy arrives. Also, be aware of some infections that can potentially harm you later in pregnancy. Be sure to consult how to reduce risk, prevent, and manage it. Some infections that must be recognized are cytomegalovirus (CMV) and toxoplasma.

Visit the dentist
Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can make pregnant women susceptible to tooth and gum disease. However, it is rare that a dentist involves a dentist when preparing for pregnancy, even though dental health will also have an impact on the health of the mother during pregnancy. The increase in progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy may cause the gums to react to the bacteria that builds up in dental plaque. This can cause gingivitis easily and swollen gums, making them more prone to bleeding when brushing your teeth.

Fitness also affects a person’s preparation for pregnancy. Your doctor will determine a fitness program that is suitable for you. Usually, the recommended program is in the form of a light exercise program, such as walking, cycling, or weight training. This exercise is recommended to be done for 30 minutes every day.

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