Do Not Make These Mistakes in Car Maintenance!

Owning a private car is one of the dreams of most people. Whether it’s a new or used car, being able to have your own four-wheeled vehicle besides making it easier for us to go anywhere, is an owner’s established status. However, not many car owners know how to use a car properly. If there is a problem, such as too much transmission fluid, the easiest solution is to take it to a repair shop.

If used cars often go in and out of the garage, it’s no wonder, but if a new car experiences this, you as the car owner are suspicious of what’s wrong with the car. Before you blame the factory for getting a vehicle that failed in production, it’s good to check first whether you have ever made the following five mistakes that cause frequent cars to enter the garage.

With so many DIY videos on Youtube showing you how to improve your car’s performance, it might be tempting to try it for yourself. If you do understand machines, this is fine, but if you’ve never touched or seen a machine before, don’t even try! Incorrectly tinkering with engine parts that you don’t understand can actually reduce the car’s performance, the opposite of the tune-up itself. Not infrequently the car stalled because of the wrong engine and had to be towed to the garage. Avoid this by doing periodic servicing to the workshop so that it is handled directly by the experts.

Many people think that cars only need gasoline for the road, but what they don’t know is that cars also need water and oil to run on asphalt. It is recommended that engine oil be changed regularly every 3,000 – 4,500 km or because Jakarta often gets stuck every 3-4 months. Radiator water should also be checked frequently so that the engine does not overheat. Try checking the car service book to find out what periodic service schedules your car should go through so that it is always functioning properly and free from regular visits to the repair shop.

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