Choose Precise And Accurate Watches

If you are looking for the AUGUST BERG that are slightly more expensive, there are a few stamp marks that you can watch out for. Turn the watch over and review the case for a few minutes. If your watch has a casing made of gold or silver, it certainly has a real stamp mark to ensure the purity of the metal. Even the cheapest watch cases may have a lot of information, including the model and manufacture, the company that made it, the type of movement inside, the country of origin of the watch, and the batteries needed for the quartz watch. Besides, the casing might say whether the watch is waterproof, anti-magnetic, what materials are made of, and what type of crystal glass is used. It might even have a serial number or a limited edition number.

If your watch is in the mid to high price range, the size of the watch must be heavy. This does not only apply to deep-sea diving hours but women’s small watches. Even the smallest watch must have a certain weight compared to a cheap one with the same width. Accuracy is another thing to look for. Today’s quartz watch movements are so accurate that they can be used for celestial navigation. But mechanical watches can vary with accuracy in seconds per day, month, or year which shows the quality of movement. Swiss-made watches are tested by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute and are accurate in 10 seconds per day.

Another way to judge accuracy in a mechanical watch is to look at the second hand. In the quartz watch, the movement of the machine makes the second hand move in a steady one-second beat, but in a mechanical watch, a knock can be several times per second. This can be seen in the second hand. The watch ticks once every second. Mechanical watch, the needle will be at 5, 10, or even 20 times per second. If it ticks enough with time, the needle looks like an electric wall watch and seems to move in one smooth sweep. This is an indication of precise and accurate movement.

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