3 Things To Look For Before Land Investing

Hadapsar Annexe

Apart from the Shapoorji Hadapsar Annexe house and apartment, land can also be used as a profitable investment instrument. Land investment is considered more flexible when compared to other types of property because it can be leased for various businesses ranging from parking lots, shop houses, or gardening. So, for those of you who want to invest in land, here are things that must be considered before buying it

Land Location
The first thing you have to do is choose a land location, a strategic land location, of course, has a very high selling value because of the availability of quite adequate public facilities and facilities, both social facilities and facilities that support the economic life of the community.

Completeness of Letters for Land Investment
Before buying land, you must check and ensure the validity of the ownership certificates. Make sure if the name written on the certificate is the name of the landowner itself so that the next process will be easier. If the land is having not the best status, then you must confirm its legality to village and sub-district officials.

You can also confirm the correct size of the land, which you can ask the BPN officer to determine clear land boundaries. If everything has been proven true and legal according to law, then you can make a choice. Don’t forget to complete the transaction with the AJB (sale and purchase certificate) and process the name transfer.

Ideal Soil Form
The last thing is you have to know the shape of the soil. The shape of the land also greatly influences the value of the investment itself, the more ideal the form of land is, the investment will be more profitable and vice versa.

Another form of land that is in great demand and ideal for investment is the trapezoid shape. It is a kind of square shape, the front of which is narrower than the back. If this form of land is used for house construction, it will give the appearance of the house that it looks wider than the front.

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