2 Of The Best Animated Films In 2019!

Have finished the work and office work, plus the weekend has arrived but has no plans to go anywhere. What should you do? It’s easy to find the answer. You can spend a lot of time on your weekends to watch online or download your favorite films on online watching websites. You no longer need to go to a movie rental to get your favorite movie and spend a lot of money to see your favorite actor or actress because now everything can be done for free. No need to spend money and you can enjoy your free time as well as possible. If you are confused, where you can get that fun, you can open the official go123movies website. The 123movies website is very light opened in your gadget, be it your laptop or smartphone because it looks simple, besides that HD quality movies also await you.


Do you imagine a series of interesting film covers?

Unfortunately, when you open the 123movies website, you will not find Avengers cover or anything, but a very simple display and that will support your internet quota. Even so, the 123movies website provides a row of the best-animated films that you can enjoy all weekend with family, friends, or even yourself. We can find How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World. This animated film produced by Pixar is a sequel to the series of dragon rider Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, sails a place they have never been before. This is the end of the long-running How To Train Your Dragon trilogy. There are many interesting plots in this film. Like telling the story of Hiccup who must fight for the dragon riders and their dragons to stay afloat from strangers attacking their villages. There are many funny and touching scenes in this film.

The second film to be your weekend recommendation is Lion King. This is one of Disney’s many ambitions to turn their cartoon tales into live-action. Lion King’s story has been popular since the film was first made in 1994. In this remake version, it still tells the same story. Namely the story of Simba and Nala who are still small and in the middle of a movie trip, he must be willing to lose his father Mufasa the king of the jungle. The little Simba who felt guilty for causing his father’s death finally decided to exile himself to the wilderness.

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